Sunday, September 25, 2011

Talking point, Aria reflection

After reading these piece it puts in perspective a few things I would have never actually thought about.  Private language versus a public language.  I can see the author's point, that by being pushed to learn english and speak englinsh early on his public life was expanded.  He became more confident publically.  Where his father, who didn't speak english that well, resigned his public speaking to his wife.  Who made excuses for the father's language abilities.  Although when alone with spanish speaking people his father would excel in public with his native language.

I feel that learning the language of the public, helped the author, publically.  Although it took away many experiences and expectations he had in his home.  I have have dealt with a few students who are bilingual in my time as a coach.  They have struggled with the language that is not their own.  Which is usaually mine.  We got through the process the best we can. 

It used to bother me when I was alot younger and hear people speak a different language around me.  Now I feel that it doesn't matter that much.  I had those same kids comunicate in a game using a different language, I had no idea what they were saying.  I figured it out eventually. 

When the author was pushed to speak english, in school and at home, he excelled publically.  Maybe if he hadn't been pushed to learn the language he might have fallen though the cracks.  Not to say he would not have learned the same things, or had the same job, or been just as successful.  Learning english actually helped, and sorry to say english is the language here.

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  1. I like how you relate all the articles to stories from your team. Its very interesting